In April of this year I received a call from a potential client who is the CEO of an up and coming high tech firm located in the Northwest. He explained that he had an employee that was crucial to the success of his firm that had been cited for DUII and wanted my help. He asked me at that time if there was anyone that could help his employee beyond the scope of what the law would dictate to resolve the legal issues. He briefly outlined the other issues his employee had;
  • He was considerably overweight, 
  • Diabetic, 
  • Had poor eating habits, 
  • Had no exercise program, 
  • Had a long history of alcohol abuse, 
  • Had lost his ability to function at a level he was hired for, 
  • Was probably going to lose his license for awhile, 
  • And lived alone. 
    I recommended a call to a new firm called Exec Health Services (EHS) to find out if they had someone that was able to help. Later that day the CEO called me back from London and indicated he had made arrangements to have one of EHS’s coaches’ take charge of the situation.
    Six months later I received and update from the coach and this is what he and the clients employee have accomplished;
  • A loss of 50+ pounds, 
  • A drastic change in eating habits, teaching him how to fix easy nutritional meals, 
  • An weekly basic exercise program, 
  • Now has over 6 months of abstinence of alcohol, 
  • Dramatically increased his productivity at work, 
  • Transporting him to/from work and other appointments during the time his license was suspended, 
  • Introduction into the community of non-drinkers. 
    I was totally impressed with the way the coach dealt with the situation and the results speak for themselves. I had numerous conversations with EHS and discovered they were in the process of offering this service across the country.
    I have been a member of the Oregon State Bar since 1974 and have yet to find this kind of service being offered to me or my clients and based on the results will strongly recommend them in the future.

John Powers, Atty Oregon State Bar # 742616