Carol C. - I've been a Portland professional for over thirty years. During that time, I've held executive positions in the public relations field. For nearly twenty years I've owned my public relations firm.
As it happened in 2004,  I found that Mark's services were needed at my company. I was suddenly faced with a difficult problem with an employee that needed immediate attention. The problem could have had a direct effect on the success or failure of the business. It required complete confidentiality since it involved more than one of the employees, could have had legal consequences, and could have seriously damaged the family relationships of the staff members. All involved were valuable associates at the firm. Firing staff would have created bigger problems and was not a consideration.This appeared to me to be a disaster in the making. We needed a solution.
Mark (our coach) took on the challenge and spent a year tackling each of the complexities with discretion. Mark carefully worked with my associate to help him understand the situation, his role and responsibility in it, and how to to solve it keeping his dignity and our other associates dignity in tact. Mark saw us through this vulnerable time with care and patience. With Mark's steady guidance, our organization continues to thrive today, my associate is now the CEO, and we all learned a great deal about the human condition. Most of all, we came to understand that with time, hard work, and a good guide, that even the most complex of human frailties have solutions. 
Mark O. - I'm 59 years of age. I've been a Financial Advisor for 38 years, married for 38 years, lived in Portland for 59 years.
In 1989 my introduction to recovery, led me to a relationship with my coach (Mark). As a result of restrictions placed on me, I needed a driver to get me many places and he was there for me. He helped guide me through the steps toward recovery and a better life for me and my family. I continue to ask for his help 22 years later, when needed, which is always met with care and understanding. My coach is and has been, a positive addition to my life.