Exec Health Services®*   

Provides life coaching and crisis management for people who have challenges that have interfered with their life or the lives of others.

 Provides, through personal experience, the knowledge and training to individuals, families and employers that are in need of a new direction that will bring constructive and lasting behaviors.

Teaches the understanding that change is necessary and its effects will produce clearly positive physical results within the context of the client's schedule and location, while addressing:

o   Use and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

o   Exercise and nutrition.

o   Healthy work and living environments.

o   Discovery, introduction and creation of wholesome relationships.

o   Transportation when needed for DUI clients.

Band-aids or chemical solutions historically have never brought long term success and long term treatment programs fall short by only encouraging connections to others who have made similar changes after their discharge. 

  Our Coaches enter into a partnership with our clients that provide education, guidance and motivation. We assess our client’s situation and institute a plan for measured outcomes with the goal of instilling overlooked or mishandled life skills that are essential for long term success.